Qattous Group

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We started out in 1989 as a real estate development firm that focuses on commercial  buildings. Since then, we have come a long way, and we stand now as a group that employs  more than 120 individuals as regular staff. 
We made the shift from small projects to  shopping complexes and malls during the late nineties, when we took on our first large scale  project, Galleria, which is located in Jabal Al-Hussien. After that we felt it was time to move  our headquarters to its current location in Sweifieh, Adel Hujurat Copmplex, located at the  center of our business domain. The group was founded by Khalil Qattous, Chairman of the  Qattous group. 
Mr. Khalil is in charge of strategic planning and the policies of the group.  Next to Mr Khalil in managerial order is Mr.Anas Qattous, CEO. Mr. Anas heads the overall  project management of the group. Next in the hierarchical structure comes Mr. Obada  Qattous, GM. Mr. Obada is in charge of the marketing strategies of the group. You can find  more information about our business and how to contact us in the projects and contact us  sections.